My English

So, I speak a little English. It’s real and it isn’t a joke. I try to write some texts on my blog, I try to speak and… Yes, I speak a little English. What? How can it be? OK, I’ll tell you a funny story about it.

Twenty years ago I started learning French at school and I learned it for seven years. Why French? It’s difficult to explain but I’ll try.

There was a very popular film called “The Three Musketeers” in my childhood — it was a cool Soviet movie with excellent actors. Many children in former USSR countries dreamed to be a musketeer.

The musketeer © Pixabay

I dreamed about it too. When my teacher asked me what language I wanted to learn I thought about it like “Hey, man! You can learn French and move to France where you will become a musketeer!”.

Yes, I know it’s a stupid motivation. Remember, I was a child at that moment. So I learned French for seven years at the school.

After school, I’ve joined for a bachelor degree program as a system engineer. Yes, it requires knowledge of English. In addition, at the institute, I had a choice only between English and German. They had no French in their syllabus!

OK, I chose English. So, you can laugh but I learned English for two years at the institute with advanced students and I felt myself like a dummy with my seven-years-French. Can you imagine how terrible it was?

Now I have scrappy knowledge of English and I’m forced to learn it by myself. This post proves it.