How I Write My Texts

I don't know the point of the text before I start to write. I just sit on the chair in the front of my laptop and write without stops and pauses in English. I follow the single rule that sounds like "just don't stop" — and I get the text. It won't be a text of my dream — but I will have the option of editing of this after getting it done.

It's me. Photo by Pavel Fedotov

I just write without stops the whole text with mistakes from the beginning to the end. I don't worry about style and beauty of the text on the first stage, I will care about it after. I free the current of words from the head. When I complete the text, I can make as many checks and corrections as I wish.

Have I written the text already? That's time to check and stylize.

I write my texts using this way in Russian and English. It's a completely useful method and it gives me the result. That's all. That's my "secret" technique. Enjoy!