How To Get New Skills?

I decided to train new skills. The photographer skills, for example. I hate people who decided to become 'the photographer' and I didn't want to become him. I wanted to get a few skills and some experience in photography to shoot the good pictures for my blog (yes, you are here) and Instagram. But I didn't want to be a photographer.

I had required a camera for that activity. I didn't have any camera and I didn't want to buy a new one for this. But I have the best mom in the world who owns the camera. It isn't the most modern or expensive camera in the world but it fits my tasks. And my mom lent the camera to me.

Keep the good pose, man! Photo by Pavel Fedotov

I think it was a great idea because now I have the camera in a good condition with two lenses and the tripod, that holds the camera when you're shooting. Tripod is a good device therefore you can make the picture of yourself without the help of another person. Just set up the delay in the camera, press the button and go forward to stand right in front of the lens.

I borrowed the flash for several weeks and watched some videos from YouTube about using it. I was shooting myself and things around me for practice. I was trying to use the camera in manual mode to understand and realize how settings of the camera influence to picture in the result.

I tried to maintain the nature of things in the view of the camera. Sometimes I thought that I couldn't make the good pictures. But I'm stubborn. I tried, I'm trying and I'll try to better my skills in the photo. I like the learning, I'm the inquisitive man and this activity helps me to make my life more interesting.

I'm sure I've chosen the right way to study something — the mix of theory and practice. Let's see what we'll get in the future.