The Ocean

The ocean. The sea. Saltwater and warm salt wind on my face. The taste of the salt on my lips and the salt inside my nose. Waves are around me and the sun is shining. The soft touches of the ocean that I feel by my body. A period of relaxing changes a period of hard physical work.

I'm mad about swimming. I had learnt to swim when I was a teenager. But I started to learn to swim in a good sport style when I was twenty-five. I saw how is swimming my wife in the pool and I felt jealous because she was swimming breaststroke perfectly. I decided that I need to train it as fast as I can.

I started my training. I bought a few books about swimming. I swam five times per week in the pool. I was crazy and I'm staying crazy about swimming. I have loved and I'm loving the sense of lightness in the water, the freedom you get. I got and I'm getting the benefit from swimming because it helps me build my body and be more healthy.

Butterfly stroke. Photo by Anna Gorkovaya

I love the sailing boats. I love the wind in the white sails, the clean energy of the movement when you use the wind. The sailboats have their own style and unique spirit. If you sailed sometime you will love it all your life, I guarantee it. Everyone will have to love it.

I dream I'll buy my own boat someday. I dream I'll make the travel around all the world with my family. I like the warm climate and I like the idea of living on the boat. Someday I realize my dreams. I think it has a cause because I like the ocean, swimming and sailboats.